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Page One
(Three Panels)

Panel One: We open to the town of Saveene, a small city that looks similar to Elizabethan Era London. We see a group of Emerin and Coalition soldiers fighting (if we look closely we can see Joric in the crowd) with swords and spears. The Emerin are mostly winning.
Soldiers: HRARGH!

Panel Two: Focus on Joric fighting an Emerin soldier wielding an axe. The soldier knocks Joric's sword out of the boy's hand.
Joric: AH!

Panel Three: The soldier raises his axe, ready to bring it down on Joric's head. Joric is kneeling, his arms raised in surrender as he tries to convince the soldier to stop.
Joric: I yield! I YIELD!

Page Two
(Six Panels)

Panel One: The axe soldier gets shot from off panel and falls to the side.

Panel Two: Joric looks to see Winora with her gun smoking, laughing in a cocky manner. Zalla is standing behind her. This is before her mental break so until it happens Zalla's smart and mature.
Winora: Don't yield until the battle's over, kid.

Panel Three: Joric looks over to the other Emerin soldiers. There are three left and they're charging at Joric.
Winora: (Off Panel) Now pick up your sword!

Panel Four: Winora shoots another soldier with a smile on her face.

Panel Five: Zalla pushes her hand forward, which sends a psychic wave towards one of the soldiers. The soldier goes flying back.

Panel Six: Joric, still scared, manages to stab the last soldier.

Page Three
(Five Panels)

Panel One: Joric looks down at the man he just killed. That was the first time he took a life. Winora doesn't pay attention to this, she has more important things to worry about.
Winora: What'd I tell you? You get a psychic and gunslinger to back you up and you're invincible.
Winora: So what squad were you on?

Panel Two: Winora starts snapping her fingers in front of Joric's face to try and bring him back to reality. Joric isn't responding.
Winora: Come on, private, stay with me.
Winora: Which squad?

Panel Three: Joric shakes off his shock and answers her.
Joric: Sorry, captain, I'm Private Joric Ollett of Squad Twelve.
Winora: What the hell were they doing here? You're supposed to be on the west side.

Panel Four: They start running up the street.
Winora: Zalla, try and open a link to Colonel Isaiah and let's see if we can make a sense of this.
Zalla: Yes, Captain Crell.

Panel Five: Evan comes from around the corner of a building, sweating with a few stains on his uniform. Winora rolls her eyes.
Evan: Captain, I've got thirty of them on my tail!
Winora: Thanks, Evan, I was getting bored.

Page Four
(Five Panels)

Panel One: Zalla sits down against one of the buildings.
Winora: I'll hold them off. You two protect Zalla while she's trancing.
Evan: Yes, Captain.

Panel Two: On the other side of the road, we see Bors lying on the ground, pretending to be dead. He grumbles as he hears Winora call out his ruse.
Winora: (Off Panel) And get that soldier pretending to be dead to help you.
Bors: Ah damn it.

Panel Three: Bors trudges over, pulling out one of his knives. Winora is looking around the corner, ready to fire.
Bors: How'd you know I was faking?
Winora: Next time, don't breathe so much

Panel Four: Winora pokes out behind the corner and shoots at the approaching soldiers. We can't see them since they're too far down the street still.

Panel Five: Three of the soldiers at the front get hit.
Soldier: ARGH!
Soldier 2: GOH!
Soldier 3: NARGH!

Page Five
(Six Panels)

Panel One: Winora ducks back behind cover.
Joric: Maybe we can charge at them to scare them off?
Winora: I like your guts, kid, but I like living more.

Panel Two: Zalla's eyes go white.
Zalla: I have Colonel Isaiah.
Winora: Great.

Panel Three: Winora yells at Zalla, who is talking as if she were a phone.
Winora: Colonel, it's Winora Crell, I've got five squads dead!
Winora: I thought this town was supposed to have just a home guard!

Panel Four: Zalla tilts her head as she gives Isaiah's response. Maybe give her text a different font to show it's not her speaking.
Zalla: We picked the worst day, Crell. Turns out a few battalions of Emerin Imperial soldiers were on warm up two clicks away.
Zalla: Hold your position until I can come up with a new strategy.

Panel Five: The others start to panic. Winora isn't fazed, though.
Joric: We're doomed, aren't we?
Winora: Kid, if that were the case...

Panel Six: Winora is standing right next to the corner of the building, ready to come out from behind and kill the thirty soldiers who are maybe ten metres away from our heroes. She has a big grin.
Winora: ...Then I'd stop smiling.
Crystal Fire
Working on a new project, hopefully I'll be able to show it soon.


David, your god, whichever works
Current Residence: Sydney, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, goth, some punk and metal
Operating System: Windows 2000
Personal Quote: Time and practice are how we improve
It's strange, seeing my gallery so much fuller these days. I have managed to add 37 pieces in the last two months, which is about as much as I had added over the three years I had this account. And it's weird to see the sort of progress I have made. Guess it's true, practice makes perfect. I'm nowhere near perfect yet, but hey, getting there.

And because of progress, I've decided to redo a couple of the old pieces. If you guys see something in the gallery you like that I have coloured and want to see it redone, just post here and tell me which one you want. However, it can only be one of the pin-ups and it can't be older than the Power Girl piece I did, unless you know where I can get the lineart for the others. Also, if you have some lineart you want me to colour, give me a link to it and I'll do it.

Now you might be wondering why I'm not doing pages. For now, I want to hone my technique, get in some practice and such. Also, I really should be colouring with high quality inks for pages, since the details get so small you can barely see them when they've already been shrunk down. Pin ups, though, are big enough that you don't really need to worry. So if you're wondering, yeah, I'll do splash pages and covers too.
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